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We are a passionate duo on a journey to create timeless, fresh & compelling visuals

through photography & films for Brands with a focus on brand image-building. We aim

to help you achieve your WHY!

- Prachi & Shikhar -

13 Voyage, a journey its own kind. One that voyages through the life of your brand or creation since its inception. 


We all know every brand, every creation, every performance, every human act for that matter has a tale behind the same. Sometimes, the story loses its essence till it reaches the target audience affecting the brand image, brand position and majorly it loses a connection of a brand with its consumers. And, we believe every client has an idea of how they want their brand to be perceived. So, with our expertise in photography be it Fashion Photography, Commercial and Advertising or Fine art we are here trying our best with our days and nights to tell your stories the right way, if done right, rest will follow. 

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2021 - International Photography Awards
2022 - Monochrome Awards


+91-7000170613, +91-7985295875




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