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How To Begin- "Fashion Photography"

Ever since the beginning, Fashion photography has undergone transformation to keep up with the contemporary 

Fashion trends.

To make a place in the industry as a fashion photographer, one must not only be conversant with the latest trends and techniques but also bring something new to the table.

Britain, America and France took the lead and kept the industry fresh. When the glossy magazines started coming out, the entire industry, including couture houses, started experimenting with the designs and extending their reach to the middle-class section of the society as well. This ignited the appetite of humble artists to bring out the character using photography.

For a fashion photographer, the ideation should hang on the texture of cloth, its fall, its decoration & the setting it looks most expressive in, be it indoor or outdoor.

Coming to the technical considerations- The photographer should ascertain the requirement of lighting and camera equipments. It is an essential to visit a location and analyze the surroundings and lighting conditions before the day of the shoot.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the market demands are direct and audience centric now.

It's essential for a fashion photographer to understand the change & create the desired output.

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